(plural pikeys) noun


1. (Britain, derogatory, offensive)
Gypsies or Travellers from any ethnic
background with no fixed abode.

2. (Modern) Any person who lives
a freedom-loving, vagabond lifestyle.

A True Pikey story…

My Dad’s Dad
Was born in a wagon,
Slept in a dresser drawer
Outgrew the drawer
Slept under the wagon
Until he could afford
A wagon of his own
To put his own
Kids in drawers.
And so on
And so on.
A wagon is always home
For a True Pikey is born to roam.

Pikey Coffee Co. is a gathering place for people who love great coffee and motorcycle culture (whether you ride or not). Established in Las Vegas in 2022, Pikey is more than just a coffee shop, it’s a rebellious, freedom-loving lifestyle. Come spend some quality time in Pikey’s motorcycle-chic cafe or visit our drive through on your daily commute or on your way to the Las Vegas Strip or Allegiant Stadium (both just minutes away).

  Gourmet, hand-roasted coffee, creative espresso and tea drinks, inventive ice cream creations, custom energy drinks, tasty nibbles, rad merchandise and friendly service, Pikey has everything you’re looking for in a coffee shop.

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