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Man and woman standing near motorcycle

Pikey Coffee Co. was established in 2022 by husband and wife team, Phil & Erin Shipley. Phil is a real-life Pikey from the UK. Erin is an American vagabond descended from Buffalo Bill Cody. Together, they share a love for artisanal coffee, motorcycle culture, and all things celebrating a freedom-loving, rebellious lifestyle. 

Erin and Phil both come from strong service industry and performance backgrounds. They worked together in the wine and coffee industry where they acquired extensive knowledge and a real passion for coffee. Together they combined their talents to open their first restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA, Cafe Wild, in 2017. It was there that they dreamed up Pikey Coffee Co. A long search for a perfect location ended in Las Vegas, NV, where they chose to launch Pikey. They are excited to bring a fresh perspective to the local coffee scene in Las Vegas.